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Away with paper and in with Chocolate!

Belgian Handmade Chocolates, Personalised, Embossed Chocolates for the Corporate and Hospitality industry. Business card and QR codes on chocolate.

Chocolate Art and Graphics

Put your name on everyone's lips with PERSONALISED CHOCOLATES from Chocolate Art trading as Chocolate Graphics (Gauteng).

Any shape, any colour, any image, any event!

Our BELGIAN HANDMADE chocolates are perfect for any occasion.  We provide PERSONALISED, EMBOSSED chocolates for corporate to hospitality clients.  We can even make your business card out of chocolate, or what about putting you QR codes on chocolate. People scan your web  info with their phone and then they can eat the chocolate.  No more papers or cards laying around!

Our process is patent protected and 100% chocolate.  No inks or icings are used.

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